DIY Mad Scientist Halloween Tree with Treetopia

We're chilled to the bone to partner up with Treetopia and DIY royalty, sharing fun and spooktacular trees all week long!


Bottles and charts and skulls , oh my! 

Our theme was concocted while listening to the song "Weird Science".  We wanted to make it as kooky and bright as we could.

Our mad scientist is the star with his lab rats close at hand. The rats are carrying test tubes made from cologne sample bottles and filled with blue glitter glue gel. Each lab rat is tagged in it's ear with a cut piece of silver washy tape.


Dollar store finds were a huge help in decorating our tree our Silver Shadow Ombre Tree.

We used plastic goggles and ping pong eyeballs to create sets of nerdy watchful eyes. The purple tubing is from the dollar store also!


The test tubes are filled with neon green glitter glue and a drop of neon toxic green acrylic paint.

IMG_6915 2.JPG

Our styrofoam lobotomy skulls were a simple procedure.


And the vintage lab charts are off the charts! 


A few science books and neon green bottles on the bottom of the tree acts as the tree skirt.


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