DIY Hand Stamped No Sew Cocktail Napkins


Alright! It's the Holiday season and times already ticking! If you're like us, you love to host, but want to do it on a budget. Today we are making inexpensive no sew stamped cloth cocktail napkins. These can be made ahead in bulk and can even be thrown away after the party or washed and ready for next year or next week...depending how festive you get!


Step 1: Use muslin, it's really inexpensive and doesn't fray too much. Cut out each napkin using pinking shears, this will also help with fraying. Each napkin was cut into a rectangle then folded into a square. We used a paper cocktail napkin as a guide for the size. 

Step 2: Make a repeating stamp by cutting out simple shapes out of craft foam. We went with a woodland theme. Glue the shapes to a wood block to help make stamping easier. 

Step 3. Use a foam roller to easily apply fabric paint to the stamp and stamp down the center of each napkin. Put a piece of cardstock paper in between your folded napkin to prevent the paint bleeding to the other side.

Step 4: Let dry over night and iron with no steam to set the fabric paint.


This is a perfect make-a-head craft to do while binge watching your favorite show! It's a bit of a process, but for the money saved we think it's well worth it and can be personalized for any gathering.

Happy hosting!