DIY Swing Shelf

We live in a beautiful pre-war apartment building. Our walls are made out of plaster, so it's a challenge to drill into the walls and hang anything. But we have this gallery molding that lines the top of our walls...hanging shelf to the rescue! 

It's a super quick project, looks great and can be moved around or changed up very easily! Once you decide where to hang your shelf, cut a piece of wood to size and drill holes in each corner. Measure out the length of your rope depending on the height of your shelf x 4...give yourself some extra slack. Thread through the holes and tie at the top!

We used a rail hook to hang our shelf, but a nail or screw will work just as well! Believe it or not this shelf is really sturdy, just make sure when putting things on your shelf you distribute the weight evenly.

This is another project we made on HGTV Handmade, you can watch the video for a full detailed tutorial and a way to jazz up your rope. 

Swing ya later!