La Croix Summer Succulents

Summer is here and the time is right for upcycling soda cans! We love the aesthetic of La Croix cans and have been wanting to reuse them somehow.  So, we got our green thumbs on! 

They'll look cute all summer long...if we can keep them alive. 

Pretty stinking cute, right? It's mostly a no brainer but here's how we planted them.

We used a can opener to take off the top of the can, it works really well and won't leave any sharp edges. Succulents and cacti hate sitting in water, it creates root rot. We added charcoal at the bottom of the can to help absorb extra water or you can poke drainage holes instead. We added soil and our plant and for a final flourish we topped it off with white fish tank pebbles!

We seriously love the way they turned out! They'd be an adorable addition to any party or picnic and would make great party favors.

As a general rule of thumb, don't over water succulents and cacti...they like it dry.

Oh, and you can see a fun video of us make them on our YouTube Channel! Let us know what you think. We always appreciate and love your feedback!