Paper Mache Terracotta Faces

We had an idea to add whimsical faces to our terracotta pots...but it ended up being a lot hard then we thought.

We tried polymer and terracotta clay but they wouldn't stick to the pot!

After some help from some Instagram friends, we came across instant paper mache and it finally worked!

Here's a bit about our process. We followed the directions on the instant paper mache packaging and then started to get creative! We molded our facial features to the pots, set them to dry and hoped for the best! We were expecting the dried paper mache to be delicate but it's really hard and durable and it stuck to the pots perfectly!

We gave them a good coat of white spray paint and for some added texture, we sprayed then with stone textured spray paint. 

After trying this project over and over with other materials, we're super happy with how great they turned out! 

We didn't make these weather proof, so we keep ours inside on our bookshelf and think they're the perfect addition to our apartment!

This was also one of the projects we made on HGTV Handmade! Take a look!