Blueberry Summer Shandy Beer Cocktail

Summer is finally here and we have the day off! We've been wanting to try a shandy cocktail for a while and todays the perfect hot day for it!

A typical shandy is a beer cocktail made with equal parts beer and lemonade. We were a little skeptical because we're not into overly sweet drinks, but pleasantly surprised in how light and balanced it ended up being!  

It's a great summer drink and couldn't be easier to make!

Blueberry Summer Shandy Beer Cocktail #beer #summerbeer #summerbbqs #summerale #blueberries #cocktailrecipes

To make a perfect classic shandy start with a good wheat or light lager. Stay away from heavy beers for this recipe. We're using Blue Point Summer Ale, it's an American Blonde it's crips light and delicious. Next, it's all about the lemonade! Of course homemade lemonade is the best option, but if you don't have time for that, just use a good quality lemonade! 

Blueberry Summer Shandy Beer Cocktail #beer #summerbeer #summerbbqs #summerale #blueberries #cocktailrecipes

We wanted to add some extra summer flavor so before adding in the beer/lemonade we muddled a handful of blueberries into each glass. 

So refreshing!