Treetopia's 2017 Halloween Queens & Styrofoam Skull Updo Ornaments

We we're so excited when Jennifer Perkins reached out to us about participating in Treetopia's Halloween blog hop!

20170925 Halloween Queens - Campaign Schedule.jpg

It's our first Halloween tree and we couldn't be more excited!

Every tree needs ornaments and since we're always working on a small budget, it was time to get crafty!


We turned these plain styrofoam skulls into vibrant shrunken lobotomy dead heads!

Take a look to see our process! We wanted to challenge ourselves by "operating" with tools we already had in our apartment.


A little high-gloss paint on the brains really adds a great slimy effect. 


And Treetopia is so awesome that they're offering a 15% discount code! 
Coupon Code: TTHWDIYQ17E
Available from October 9-27, 2017, so head on over!