How to Make DIY Winter Incense Logs

As you know, we don't have real fire place in our apartment but we love the smell of a burning fire. It's just so cozy!

The holidays are over, but winter has just begun! We are making a "fire" inspired incense to light up while we hibernate until spring!


We found all our ingredients on Etsy and Amazon.

All you need is dried blue sage, cedar, makko powder and distilled water.

For a batch of 12-grind herbs and mix 2 tbsp of blue sage, 1 tbsp of cedar and 1 tbsp of makko powder. 

Slowly add drops of distilled water and mix until a clay like consistency. Roll and cut into 1 inch logs. Let dry on parchment paper overnight and then light it up. Don't forget, safety first!

Watch the video for a more detailed tutorial.

Stay cozy!