Haunted Hallway Halloween Makeover

Our entry hallway is long and the first thing our guests see, so we always try to go all out! Last year we created the Red Room from Twin Peaks.

This year it took a little trial and error but we finally settled on a haunted house vibe and created a giant creepy light up skeleton to greet our guests when they first walk in!


We spent most of our time creating our skeleton ghost inspired by an old Halloween Martha Stewart video. We wanted the skeleton to be the main focal point so we kept the rest of hallway minimal. We hung pieces of ripped black fabric and some light up lanterns.


Building the skeleton was time consuming but fun to create and only need a handful of materials!


  • Heavy Duty Wire

  • Chicken Wire

  • Floral Wire

  • Wooden Dowel

  • Tissue Paper

  • Cheese Cloth

  • Mod Podge

  • Fishing Line

  • Staple Gun

  • Packaging Tape


Seriously, it’s creepy AF and the hue lights took it to the next level!

Who wants to come over?!

Watch the video to see how it all came together!

Happy Haunting!