DIY Palo Santo Alcohol Ink Tray

How are we starting a new year already?! This year, the two of us are working on our mindfulness, taking time for ourselves, stepping away from our work, not stressing out so much.

We’ve been using palo santo daily, and wanted to make a tray to display it on to remind us to stay mindful, help us stay stress free-ish and clear up that bad juju!

This craft will not only help with that daily reminder, it’s a calming simple technique that will put you in a relaxed peaceful mood.

If you’ve worked with alcohol ink before you know it’s an experience. When you add rubbing alcohol to the ink it changes right before your eyes and creates a very organic natural design on its own.

DIY Palo Santo Alcohol Ink Tray #hippiecraft #crystals #smudging #smudgestick #craftstodowhenyourbored

On a trip to LA this past year we were introduced to palo santo. Palo santo is a natural wood aromatic incense that’s used like a smudge stick. It is said to “provide energetic protection, remove bad energy, uplift the spirit and bring good luck".

When we are stressed, unmotivated or in a bad mood-we light it, blow it out and walk around the apartment room to room. If you’re not sold on the hippy dippy spiritual stuff, it smells like a delicious, smokey-sweet campfire!

To make the tray you’ll need:

  • Ceramic dish

  • Alcohol ink (we used black and silver)

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Dropper

  • Spray bottle (optional)

  • Paper Towels

  • Sealer

How To:

  1. Add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the dish and lightly wipe around with a paper towel.

  2. While wet, add about 4 or five drops of the alcohol ink. Swirl the ink around the plate, but not going all the way to the edge.

  3. Now for the fun part! Fill the dropper with rubbing alcohol and add drops on top of ink. Watch the magic

  4. Use a spray bottle for a speckled look.

  5. Blot with paper towels if it becomes muddy looking. There’s really no right or wrong way to do this, play around and enjoy the process!

  6. Let dry.

  7. Add a coat of sealer to keep ink vibrant and washable.

    *Dry alcohol ink and sealers are considered flammable, do not directly add lit palo santo to tray. We prop ours up on a crystal.

DIY Palo Santo Alcohol Ink Tray #hippiecraft #crystals #smudging #smudgestick #craftstodowhenyourbored
DIY Palo Santo Alcohol Ink Tray #hippiecraft #crystals #smudging #smudgestick #craftstodowhenyourbored