3 Trendy Eucalyptus Bathroom DIY's

We've been so paranoid about getting sick so we decide to turn our bathroom into a home spa with some eucalyptus love. Eucalyptus has a ton of health benefits and helps relieve symptoms of the common cold and bronchitis...but we also just love the smell.

First we made some eucalyptus soap with some glycerin we had left over from our goldfish soap project we made for Handmade. We used clear clear glycerin soap and melted in low and slow in the microwave. Once the soap was all melted we let it cool for a 30 seconds before adding 10-15 drops of eucalyptus essential oils then poured it into our mold. We cut a piece of dried eucalyptus and placed it in the mold. Then sprayed a little bit of pure alcohol on the wet soap to help get rid of the bubbles that formed when pouring it in.

Now for the decorating. We find it really hard to decorate our bathroom. The walls are plaster and it gets really humid when we shower. So we kept it easy! With floral wire, we added some sprigs of eucalyptus to the outside of an embroidery hoop. We laid fabric on the inner ring and then put the hoop together and cut it to size. To hang, we hot glued bright blue paracord to the back.

IMG_9456 2.jpg

The last project was the easiest and not only looks great but smells amazing while we shower. We used twine to tie a few branches together and tied it to our shower head. So quick, so easy and is really beautiful to look at while we shower! The scent will last for about a week...but we've had it in for two now and it still smells divine. 

Stay healthy NY!