Treetopia Pride Icon Wreath Colors of Love

We're so excited to kick-off Pride month with Treetopia to celebrate with the LGBTQ community in the most colorful way! Each week, our blogger friends will post a rainbow wreath creation and share a bit about themselves and their involvement in the community on their blog.

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It was a struggle to be in the closet growing up on Long Island and Maryland. It can be and it was an extremely isolating time of our lives.  Although we didn't grow up together, it's interesting that we both had similar experiences. We were both bullied. It was scary and lonely until we found strength in the theatre community. Theatre saved us, it was an environment that allowed us to be who we were and embraced us for our differences. Luckily, we both come from accepting families but it took some time to feel comfortable in our own skin and couldn't have done it without all the support that we had. 

So many people live fearless lives after having to grow up struggling with acceptance within themselves and with others. It's important to have people in your life you can relate to, rely on and look up to. We looked for strength within our family, the theatre community and our favorite artists.


We didn't know it then, but we grew up idolizing some of the biggest gay icons those icons were the inspiration of our wreath! 

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We wanted the wreath to be the's gorgeous! We tried multicolored lights and it was too busy for what we wanted so, we toned it down by color blocking the lights to mimic the layout of the wreath. We removed each bulb and grouped the same colors together. ROYGBIV!


We decided to keep our icons black and white...but every icon needs a little bling so, we added glitter accents to each and framed them with some foil paper. We hot glued floral wire to the back of each icon to easily attach them to the wreath. 


Just be you and celebrate it!

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Treetopia wants you to share your own stories about your own colorful experience! Use the hashtag #TreetopiaColorsOfLove for a chance to win $100 Treetopia gift card every week for the month of June and enter here! Just for spreading love!


Happy Pride!