Totally 80's Tiny Birthday Party Challenge with Evite

Last month we flew to Downtown Los Angeles with 2 suitcases packed with birthday decorations! We had the chance to be a part of Evite's Tiny Party Challenge and go head-to-head with other bloggers to create a birthday party for a special guest in a small space using a budget of $500. Make sure you vote for your favorite party! One lucky voter will receive a $500 Visa gift card and FUJIFILM Instax camera bundle!  


Evite helps making coming together effortless and more memorable and we’re so happy we got to be a small part of that as an Evite Influencers!


As New Yorkers, we know exactly what it’s like to have an apartment that just feels too tiny for hosting. But there are so many ways to embrace your space and utilize your budget. Don’t let your space keep you from throwing a party!


Our theme (if you couldn’t tell by now) was TOTALLY 80’s! The 80’s were big, bold, colorful and LOUD! It was a perfect choice for the special guest we chose, Andrew’s sister Jen! 

Our main focal point was our walls. We kept costs down by using dollar store wrapping paper, crepe paper and tape. The walls took the longest, but have a huge impact and act as a totally tubular selfie backdrop…even though we didn’t take selfies in the 80’s… 


When we host we like to keep our guests busy, so we broke our party down into three different activity areas.


DIY Scrapbook Area - Filled with upcycled photo props, an instant camera, markers, washi tape and stickers; where guests can take pictures of the party and decorate a scrapbook page for Jen! 


DIY Dessert Table -  Included throwback snacks and drinks, a mini sweet or salty popcorn station, a build-your-own sherbet cocktail punch and a decorate-your-own tiny hand pie with neon frosting and sprinkles.  


DIY Game Table- This area was a throwback to 80’s sleepovers, where you can  gather some comfy pillows, sit on the floor, paint your nails, decorate rad shades and decide your future with a game of M.A.S.H.